What is the INCUBATE Program?

Our Incubate Program is a program to help individuals set up Financial, Social & Ecological sustainable enterprises. The 200-hour curriculum used for the program is designed to meet the varied needs arising at different stages of enterprise incubation.

What is the duration of the INCUBATE Program?

The duration of the Incubate curriculum is 200 hours. However, each individual and institution will have customized duration of the program according to their requirements.

What is the cost of the INCUBATE program?

We support various modes of payment for our incubatees.
In addition to the incubation cost, there is an annual participation fees of Rs 5000/- payable at the beginning of the program. This fee will be added to the total cost of the incubation and is liable to the paid again if the agreement is renewed.

Who can join?

Any person with an enterprise idea or currently running an enterprise can join our program.
However, we work with individuals who empathize with our commitment to make the enterprise FSE-ible – the philosophy that we live by.

How do I apply?

Both individuals and institutions can apply for the INCUBATE program. Fill out the Incubate form. We will contact you.

I have an idea. How can Dhriiti help me?(or) I don’t have an idea. How can Dhriiti help me?

For us, all ideas have the potential in them to be a good idea. Our curriculum helps in articulating nascent ideas to become FSE-ible ideas.

Can Dhriiti raise money for my enterprise?

We do not raise money for our incubatees. However, we can connect you with experts in our networks for raising money for your enterprise.

Does Dhriiti provide funding support to its partners?

We can co-propose projects to funders, meeting both our partners’ and our costs.

I am a college student. How can I bring your INSPIRE training to my premises?

You can apply by filling out the INSPIRE form.

I have a college degree. Can I apply for Dhriiti’s programs? (or) I don’t have a college degree. Can I apply for Dhriiti’s programs?

Our programs are open for individuals pursuing different educational interests. You can apply in any of our programs irrespective of what you are currently doing.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. You will receive a certificate at the end of the INSPIRE program.

Will Dhriiti training help me get a job?

Dhriiti understands that entrepreneurship skills are needed to be more effective at any occupation. You can use these skills to help get better employment or work more efficiently in what you do.

Should I apply as an individual or as a partnership?

Our INCUBATE program is designed to work with an individual incubatee or a team of 2-3 members.

I am unable to download/upload. What should I do?

You can write to us at info@dhriiti.com or call us at 011 – 29235549.

Can I pay by cheque?

Yes. Payments for any of our services can be done by cheque. You can draw a cheque to:

“Dhriiti – The Courage Within” payable at New Delhi


Direct Bank Remittance using the following details:

Name of bank: Axis Bank Ltd.

Street and building number: B-6, Lajpat Nagar-II

City, state, and postal code: New Delhi, Delhi-110024

Account Number: 126010100230315

IFS Code: UTIB0000126

SWIFT/BIC (required): AXISINBB126

I am unable to make an online payment. What should I do?

You can make a payment by cheque. Read the instructions above.

Do I have to sign a MoU? What are the legal formats?

When working with individuals and organizations, we maintain an agreementdetailing down the commitments from both ends.

Can I be an institutional partner for Dhriiti?

Yes. You can be our institutional partner for our INSPIRE and TRANSFORM programs. We work in urban and rural communities by partnering with implementing organizations. Please fill out the INSPIRE form or TRANSFORM form.

Does Dhriiti provide marketing support?

We provide marketing linkage for our incubatees as part of our INCUBATE program.

I am based outside Dhriiti’s project areas. Can Dhriiti support me? How?

Yes. We can support you through virtual media (Skype). For more information, you can write to us at info@dhriiti.com or call us at 011 – 29235549.

Does Dhriiti support rural/women/urban enterprises?And what kind of startups does Dhriiti support?

We help incubate rural, women, and urban enterprises. In our experience over the last 10 years, we have established different startups. Our non-negotiable is the commitment to FSE-ibility of the enterprise.

I want to know more about events organized by Dhriiti?

You can know more about events organized by us on our Facebook page.

Do you provide skills training program?

In our Transform program, we work with implementing partners in offering specific skills training to target groups. You can apply for our Transform program here.