Chaya Rani

Chhaya Rani

Chhaya Rani hails from village Pipla, in East Singbhum district, Jharkhand. Trained on entrepreneurship skills with us in 2009, she was fascinated by seeing herself as an entrepreneur. In her own words, “I was excited to see the camera that the facilitator was using and thought that I could also use one to do something different.”

The then 24-yr-old, went on to take a loan of Rs 7500/- from her self-help group to purchase a digital camera. For a long time, she remained the lone female wedding photographer in her village, generating enough income to eventually pay off the loan amount. She plans to get a video camera and hire an assistant to help her with her work.

Apart from her photography enterprise, Chhaya is also cultivating Roselle (Kudrum) using its fibre and its fruit to prepare chatni. She is also curious to learn about the various uses of Roselle to start another venture.