Mr.Sem Hoakip



Sem Haokip


“My heart runs faster than my mind,” says the man who envisioned ELIM, an organization that enables the materially poor to generate sustainable income by linking their indigenous skills & local resources to markets.

Sem sees in ELIM a means to restore self dignity and community life by connecting the existing market channels with the vibrant culture, handicrafts and cultivation in rural Manipur. His inner compass moves him towards creating an impact that positively effects change in the lives of others.


We are working with Sem to transform his vision into a financially viable, ecologically sustainable and socially impactful enterprise. The incubation process will develop a FSE-ible model with systems for implementation, organization development, and a robust value chain.

Steps towards FSE-ibility

-Proposing set up of zero-waste multi-purpose food processing units

-Building peace among conflict-ridden communities through promotion of culture & crafts

-Promoting employment amongst materially poor tribal communities