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18 Jan. 19

India Leadership Conclave 2018


The Conclave will be a three day event, which will start on January 18, 2019 in New Delhi.

India Leadership Forum is a community for leaders of today and tomorrow. We contrive to inspire, engage and cultivate in individuals - the next generation leaders, a global perspective, intercultural empathy and emotional intelligence that would make them adept in operating in multicultural contexts, and help them navigate through the complexities brought by moving beyond one’s traditional boundaries.

We intend to do this by providing the youth of our country a unified, all encompassing platform - the Indian Leadership Conclave, where ideas would not be limited to abstraction, but would be brought into being, alive and pulsating in the heart of this conclave.

Where distinguished luminaries from the fields of politics, business, academia, development, entertainment, journalism and sports will come together and share the stage with the leaders of today and tomorrow, engaging them in a cross cultural dialogue while motivating them to reach out to their paramount potential in pursuit of solutions to the global challenges that besiege the world.

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