Farmpreneur is an entrepreneurship program that introduces the farmer as an entrepreneur and farm-based enterprises to rural school children. Farmpreneur offers an extensive curriculum of survey workshops, orientation programs, seminars, agricultural exhibitions and capacity building.

Project Output: We have implemented Farmpreneur in partnership with Farm2Food Foundation, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship in farming amongst farmers, young people and women in the North-East India.

In 2015-2016, 3000 Young Farmers and 200 School Kitchen Gardens have opened in 4 districts of Assam

Udaan offers intensive training on entrepreneurship skills and micro-enterprise development to help socio-economically marginalized youth to become entrepreneurs and economically self-sufficient.

Project Output: We have partnered with Generation Enterprise (GEN), a US/ Lagos-based not-for-profit working with high-risk, low income youth in megacities on entrepreneurship skills and provides access to finance. The project is also supported by the World Bank.

Dhriiti did an exploratory study of six NGOs in Bihar and Jharkhand, who were implementing partners for the Development Initiative Supporting Healthy Adolescents (DISHA) project of the International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) in 2006-2007. The exploratory study highlighted the need for an extensive training on the concepts of entrepreneurship and enterprise and also on effectively managing an Enterprise Development Programme.

As a follow up to the study, Dhriiti developed a training of trainers curriculum and conducted a five-day entrepreneurship training with project coordinators of the NGOs to prepare them in conducting entrepreneurship development programmes in their respective regions.

Project Output: Centers were recommended to learn few things and change certain procedures to increase the scope of the enterprises.

Financial Literacy:

In Financial Literacy program we conduct workshops on financial literacy where we discuss about the ability to manage personal finance matters in an efficient manner, it includes the knowledge of making appropriate decisions about personal finance.

Project Output: In May 2006, Dhriiti conducted a one-day workshop orienting trainers on financial literacy curriculum to be delivered to underprivileged youth in Gurgaon. The workshop was hosted by GE Money and Youthreach. The participants got introduced to the financial literacy curriculum and by the end of the workshop, learnt the art of delivering a session.





Exploratory study and ToT workshop for NASSCOM:

In 2007 Dhriiti conducted a study in selected Kiosk centers of NASSCOM Foundation at Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat  to make the ICT centres self sustainable. For the training, interactive sessions and simulation games were used with the focus on facilitating learning by doing experience.

Project Output: Dhriiti recommended NASSCOM to provide financial training to the kiosk owners and to stop external funding support for operational costs to centres to make the centres self sustainable and recommended centres to submit of monthly accounts to NASSCOM Foundation.