Noopur team

The founder of Sandharbh – The Guidance for Reference, Noopur Khandelwal, had always wanted “to start up something of my own and hence I joined in the course [EoT, 2007] and I am happy that I did.” Sandharbh began in 2012 with the idea to provide students with education which only limited itself to basic book knowledge but also bring in an extra dimension of knowledge & insight into the future, where they want to see themselves. According to Noopur, “the future for the students will not be mere blur image but a clear HD image with no flaws.”

Starting with just two students, Sandharbh has now grown and broadened its in terms of their programs and their human resource, providing their expertise to more than 45 students. Currently, Noopur plans to launch their new program “Career Heights”, which aims to target a huge population of students in Kota.

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