Ashvini SawantAdventurous, exploratory and empathetic, Ashvini is a highly motivated individual.

Born and brought up in Satara, one of the rural districts in Maharashtra, she did her Masters in Social Work from Mumbai University. A traveler and a trekking enthusiast, she got a plethora of opportunities to take her piggyback to various places and get acquainted with varied cultures, during her education and work. She has had the perpetual privilege to work with women, tribal communities, different livelihoods and children. Ashvini also worked in the Capacity Building Team and Vocational Skilling Team at Pratham.

Ashvini joined Dhriiti as a Project officer for the Beautypreneur program. She is working with the women and girls in Maharashtra identifying prospective beautypreneurs from Maharashtra, training them and hand-holding support at different levels. She is looking forward to a wonderful time here at Dhriiti in order to grow and nurture her skills.

Ashvini is a firm believer and hence she quotes-

I believed I could so I did.

Ashvini can be reached at