Pranjit Das

“One day I will be a successful industrialist. I want to see myself as a Mukesh Ambani”, says Pranjit Das, a rural entrepreneur from Assam. Earlier running a rice mill, Pranjit was still looking for opportunities to help him become wealthy. His chance meeting with Jnanendra (Dhriiti team) led him to meet the present CEO of TPMPL, Arindam Dasgupta. Ever since, Pranjit hasn’t looked back.

Taking a loan for installing the machine, Pranjit starting working on his Arcenaut Unit. With initial setbacks bringing in doubts and deliberations, we helped Pranjit to continue forward in the journey that he has dreamed for himself. Today, he is the proprietor of two Arecanaut Leaf Plate machines and plans to own two more in the near future. Pranjit’s dream of becoming another Mukesh Ambani may not be far away.