Tamul Plates Marketing Private Limited


Tamul Plates Marketing Private Limited helps rural producers across North East India to establish micro-enterprises of arcenaut leaf plate manufacturing through capacity building and technical, financial, and marketing support.

The rural community, a mix of indigenous and non-indigenous population has seen a shift from agrarian livelihoods to micro-enterprises as a livelihood option.

Our Role

After setting up the FSE-ible model for TPMPL, research & development on technology and design and developing linkages for a FSE-enabled product delivery, Dhriiti currently works with TPMPL on expansion and an increase in the number of micro-enterprises across North East India.


4 million biodegradable Tamul leaf plates to replace Styrofoam plates

50% increase in income for members in value chain

Upgrade heating technology to biomass-based energy


The Rural Livelihood Development Project intends to create an entire sheep wool based enterprise value chainwith the vision to enhance the livelihood opportunities among the communities in the Malpura and Dudu blocks.

The rationale of the project is to develop viable enterprise value chains which will allow the villages to develop a strong local economy, allowing communities to generate a sustainable livelihood opportunities and income. The project also aims to promote the traditional occupations as viable enterprises and increase the socioeconomic conditions of the direct and indirect beneficiaries.

The project is in implementation with Gram Vikas Navyuvak Mandal Laporiya (GVNML) – an organization working on water management & community development in seven districts of Rajasthan.

Our Role

Dhriiti works with GVNML in the development of the enterprise value chain and institution building for sustainability. We will also work in project and research implementation, training and capacity building of the partner organization & the target group involved in the project to make the project a FSE-ible project.


50% increase in the average disposable income of the beneficiary families involved in the project

Introduce additional jobs and skillsalong the entire value chain in the local economy

Introduce cost- and process-effective technology to make traditional occupations income generative