Yohan Pandyanathan

Yohan is no stranger to resilience. When his first venture Pillar Valley Resort did not take off as intended, Yohan did not lose hope but continued to learn from his failure. His confidence in himself of becoming an entrepreneur and his learning from the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow 2008 program, helped him to continue with other ventures.

During his Masters’ in Business Administration, Yohan consulted for leading gems agencies, and was part of the team setting up Me Solitaire for Gitanjali Gems in Mumbai. He also founded Stay at Ercaud, a trip advisor with his brothers.

Yohan has currently partnered with a friend to begin Aadya Gems – an online retailer of precious gems and also plans to encourage entrepreneurship in India. He believes that, “small and medium enterprises are the future of India and Dhriiti is the place for aspiring entrepreneurs to begin their journey.”

Know More: https://www.facebook.com/yohan.pandyanathan/about