Paper Works !!!

In a candid chat with Pooja Sriram, owner, Orange Peel, she tells us how social networking and word of mouth are some simple yet creative promotional strategies for business ventures. Pooja, a 26 year old entrepreneur always had an eye … Read More

Less Plastic More Life

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It isn’t hard to find examples of antagonism between educational qualifications and one’s dream in life. What makes entrepreneurs different is that they face this mismatch with courage and take a less travelled path. Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer, the man … Read More

Bamboo – a ‘green’ option for housing

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In India, the early bamboo architecture laid the foundation of the dome-shaped Mughal constructions including the Taj Mahal. Recently, India has seen a swelling demand for use of bamboo in the construction industry, leading to better economic conditions especially in … Read More