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Welcome To Dhriiti

Dhriiti – The Courage Within is a NGO (social enterprise) registered under the Societies Act of 1860. It was founded in December 2004 by three professionals Anirban Gupta (XIMB), Nidhi Arora (XIMB) and Arindam Dasgupta (IRMA). Dhriiti is an endeavor to promote and protect entrepreneurship in its different forms and to build and create a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the next generation of Indians.

Frustrated with the problem of unemployment and underemployment in the country at large, the founders contemplated on how these problems could be tackled in the long run as well as in the short run. We inferred that the problem of unemployment, disguised unemployment and underemployment cannot be dealt with, at all levels by creating more jobs in the government and the high investment public/ private sector.

Dhriiti believes that self-employment and entrepreneurship is an important tool to counter the problem of widespread unemployment and underemployment in the country. The core idea behind Dhriiti is the spirit of entrepreneurship that we want to promote, introduce and inculcate. Dhriiti works from the two ends of the continuum to spread a culture of entrepreneurship. On one end of the continuum is the entrepreneur. Dhriiti works on building the entrepreneur in an individual. It works with young adults from across socio economic backgrounds, developing entrepreneurial skills in them so that they can be future entrepreneurs. On the other end of the continuum are the enterprises and their eco system. Dhriiti works on developing the complete value chain to allow small & micro enterprises to grow and flourish.

We realize the urgent need and potential that is present in the rural and urban communities in India. A potential which if exploited properly can yield tremendous results in the form of a more courageous, confident, and responsible and creatively engaged next generation and a series of productive small enterprises. Our attempt is to wed and juxtapose these potentials, to focus in the youth, and to promote small industries and its products in the light and benefits of modern tools of management and technology.

Why Dhriiti


We inspire & build entrepreneurs who identify & convert opportunity into sustainable enterprises to enhance access (security) & quality (passion + potential) of livelihood. We seed, nurture, incubate & support potential entrepreneurs through an innovative & professional approach.

We see a successful entrepreneur as one who continually innovates and assumes complete risk to initiate, organize, and operate an enterprise and grows continually to earn profit (monetary, social and environmental). She creates win-win relationships for herself and for all stakeholders connected with the enterprise (employees, customers, supply chain and community at large).

Dhriiti believes that all of us as individuals have an impact. We create an impact through whatever we do in our daily lives. We change economics, we change society and we change ecology. Sometimes for the better while some other times for the worse. Sometimes the impact is big and sometimes small. Our work at Dhriiti begins at building this realization that we are all creating an impact. This realization, we believe, is the trigger to explore the quality and degree of our impact. With this awareness that each of our action impacts many things in many ways, we can then minimize the negative impact and maximize the positive. We can then strive to create what Dhriiti calls the FSE (Financial, Social, Ecological) balance.

An enterprise is an extension of the entrepreneur. It is largely governed by the value systems and beliefs of the entrepreneur. The FSE approach extends, thus, from an individual to an entire enterprise.

A mindful individual can become an FSE impactful entrepreneur and can run a FSE-ible enterprise. At Dhriiti, we invest in building FSE-ibility ……in individuals and hence in enterprises!

  • Courage/ pride
  • Working culture: (once a Dhriitihite always a Dhriitihite, team staff welfare independence to work, not a hierarchical structure, continuation of family life, collaborative/ supportive)
  • Success of Dhriiti same as success of entrepreneurs (training with incubation)
  • Adapting to technology (best practices, first movers)
  • Drive: motivation to achieve something so we excel
  • Critical thinking: to analyse and question, reason out, everything should make sense
  • Purpose: to work towards a purpose, towards achieving it
  • Creativity and innovation: to try out new ways of doing things, multi track mindedness
  • Ability to see opportunities: to see opportunities for self-growth, explore areas of working with different stakeholders (schools, colleges, rural communities)
  • To keep in mind and try and balance/ prioritise the triple bottom line
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