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Nidhi Gupta

I am Nidhi Arora, born & brought up in New Delhi, India. I went to school in Delhi in Tagore International School and graduated in commerce from Lady Shri Ram College (LSR), Delhi University. Further, I went on to do my Business Management with specialization in Finance & HR from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, India. After graduation I worked briefly in the corporate sector with GE India as part of the prestigious Financial Management Programme and then in the social sector with Dastkar, a society for crafts and craftspeople.

I am a restless person who keeps searching for something constructive to do. During my years of education, I was involved with a variety of activities from academics to arts to representation in student bodies and I got a chance to explore the spirit of experimentation within me. It was here I decided that one day I would be an entrepreneur, that I would rather work for myself and give employment to many other people than doing one such job forever. I did take up campus placement only to realize very soon that I wanted to be on my own…soon!

Apart from being an entrepreneur and promoting many more entrepreneurs, I enjoy travelling to new, undiscovered places, discovering new cultures, & learning new languages. I love music and dance makes me feel happy in lowest of times. I am an ardent admirer of indigenous crafts and dream of bringing exquisite & rare handcrafts to the modern urban centers. Another entrepreneurial idea that I eat & breathe.
I have always been fascinated with the idea of creating something new, something original. With Dhriiti, I have moved closer to my fascination. However, I am still a young girl who wakes up everyday eager to paint a new picture in her sketchbook!