Paper Works !!!

In a candid chat with Pooja Sriram, owner, Orange Peel, she tells us how social networking and word of mouth are some simple yet creative promotional strategies for business ventures. Pooja, a 26 year old entrepreneur always had an eye … Read More

Less Plastic More Life

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It isn’t hard to find examples of antagonism between educational qualifications and one’s dream in life. What makes entrepreneurs different is that they face this mismatch with courage and take a less travelled path. Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer, the man … Read More

Networking Naturally

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Business networking is an integral part of all enterprises. Done the right way it can be productive and fun! The key to true business networking is the establishment of a mutually beneficial relationship, and that’s a rare achievement at the … Read More

Driving Innovation

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Enterprises that continue to do things the way they have been doing them in the past soon become history! Innovation is the key to continued success of any enterprise which strives to meet the inarticulate needs of the existing market. … Read More

The Broom Broom Enterprise

Ever wondered how and where, one of the most essential cleaning equipment in all Indian households, the broomstick, is made? These were a few questions that intrigued me to discover an entrepreneurial potential in Meghalaya in the North-east of India. … Read More

Bamboo – a ‘green’ option for housing

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In India, the early bamboo architecture laid the foundation of the dome-shaped Mughal constructions including the Taj Mahal. Recently, India has seen a swelling demand for use of bamboo in the construction industry, leading to better economic conditions especially in … Read More

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