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Dhriiti believes that every place and every community is lush with resources (Natural, Physical or Human) but somehow these resources are not identified and recognized as an opportunity for building enterprises. The first phase of Dhriiti’s work in Transform is to identify potential enterprise value chain by evaluating the resources (Natural, Physical or Human) available. The strengths and weaknesses of the different stakeholders in the value chain is also assesses to identify a potential micro-enterprise value chain.

The process of transformative value chain creation is a long term process and a lot needs to be invested in building the structure for the same over a period of time. Hence Dhriiti invests a lot of time in doing research, feasibility, resource mapping and process streamlining even before they start building the value chain process. This is where the foundation of the structure is created.

A lot of opportunities and ideas come to the transform phase through the incubate category. Dhriiti invests in ideas and enterprises from the incubate phase who have transformational possibilities.