AashiaComposed of compassion, care and integrity, Aashia is a highly motivated member of Dhriiti. She believes that where there is a will, there is a way.

Born in UP, Aashia did her M.A. in Hindi from IGNOU and B.ed from MDU. She started off with working for the development sector 2008, when she first worked at Katha Public School, followed by Abhas and Learning Inq. Aashia is very keen on establishing an NGO of her own. She is driven by entrepreneurial ideas and an immense will power to work for the nation. She plans to support her husband who is a lift engineer with these skills.

At Dhriiti, she is a part of the SWED Project. She is responsible for the expansion of the project, conducting surveys, baseline support and coordinating with the partner organizations. Aashia loves to network, and Dhriiti being a versatile organization gives her a platform to do the same.

Aashia actively quotes the mantra of her life-

Jeet aur haar aapki soch par nirbhar karti hai. Maan lo toh haar hogi aur thaan lo toh jeet hogi.

Aashia can be reached at aashia@dhriiti.com