Surender KumarTo excel in life, Surender believes in the power of Hardwork, Honesty and Pro-activeness.
Born and brought up in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, Surender is as pleasant as the mountains. He believes that one should do what he loves, and love what he does. He loves to take up work and never idles away his time.

Surender manages the accounts and administration of Dhriiti. He masters the art of problem solving and makes sure everything falls into place. The fact that Dhriiti is a family where everyone shares both joy and sorrow, traced him here. He loses the track of time when it comes to working for Dhriiti!

As a part of this family, he quotes:

Agar Manzil ko Paana hai toh Haunsala Saath Rakhna, Agar Pyaar ko Paana hai toh Eitbaar Saath Rakhna, Agar Humesha Muskarana Hai Toh Humein Saath Rakhna.

Surender can be reached at