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Godrej Salon-i program in collaboration with Dhriiti reached out to women in the beauty and wellness sector who aspired to become entrepreneurs by giving them a platform named as the “Beauty-Preneur” program. The program currently operational in 5 states – Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Nagaland, is looking forward to expand its operations to other parts of the country in the near future. This multi layered outreach program has been created to build a replicable delivery model which meets the vision to reach out to 5500 women by 2018.

The programme was initiated in 2016 and despite the various challenges faced by the program since inception, the programme till date has succeeded in reaching out to 550 women in the beauty and wellness sector and have successfully trained 137 women, who are proudly certified as Beauty-Preneurs today. The Beauty-Preneur program aims to incubate entrepreneurship in women in the area of beauty and wellness, thereby enabling these women to train other girls, as well as empowering them through life skills and entrepreneurship. These women have set out on their own as entrepreneurs, rallying support for each other and in the process have learnt to believe that sisterhood has no boundaries, knows no race or geographical boundaries.

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Impact Numbers-beautypenure

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