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Beautypreneur is a business accelerator program for existing small-scale women-led beauty parlours. The project also includes beauticians who provide door-to-door services in low-income pockets of Delhi/NCR region. The aim of the program is to enable beautypreneurs to improve their revenue by bridging the knowledge gap of business and financial management and creating a safe space for networking with women from their field. The program not just builds technical and business management competencies but also works on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and competencies which help the women sustain their business over a longer period of time.

While most of these women feel strongly about their businesses as a means of livelihood, social identity, economic growth, it was observed that they have limited understanding of the intricacies of running a business and financial management. There are also lesser opportunities for them to gain this knowledge and their mobility is limited due to different restrictions imposed on them from their family. Beautypreneurs coming from a background of economic and social challenges have fewer outlets for networking or discussing the business-related problems with their counterparts. Beauty parlours that are close to one another tend to become a competition for each other and the struggle to get more customers results in the reduction of prices for the services provided.

Thus, the program has been customised to meet the challenges of the changing socio-economic situation of the Beautypreneurs and focuses on developing entrepreneurs as individuals and their enterprises.

Focus of the program is to enable Beautypreneurs to :
a) Grow revenues
b) Retain business
c) Understand access and agency to life and business
d) Reach out to other women as inspiration
e) Have savings in banks

Features of Beautypreneur Program

1. Orientation – This session is conducted to introduce the program to the group through activities and board games; initiate a discussion about various challenges faced by the participant in her entrepreneurial journey; create a comfortable space for sharing and promoting empathy among participants.

2. Training of Trainees (ToT) – 5 days of technical training, interspersed with business tips, for the Beautypreneurs. A certificate is provided on the completion of training.

3. Monthly Meetings and Cluster Meetings – These group meetings are either held at the centre or in the parlour of any Beautypreneur. The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate better business understanding by discussing the current business situation, profitability measures, maintaining and recording finances, and marketing of services. The meetings also provide a safe space for Beautypreneurs to connect to other women entrepreneurs, share moments of joy, celebration, and learning. Many of our BPs are ‘get permission’ from their husbands/ parents/ in-laws to step-out of their homes only for these meetings.

4. Field Visits, Phone Calls, and WhatsApp Messages – Customised solutions are offered to different business challenges discussed with Beautypreneur during one-to-one meetings. In-person one-on-one interaction helps in creating a bond between Beautypreneurs and Dhriiti team and provides an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with our Beautypreneur giving a glimpse of personal and business challenges that she tries to overcome each day.

5. Hair Colour Competition, Bridal Make-up Competition, Women’s Day Competition – The objective of these competitions is to encourage Beautypreneur to practice varied marketing techniques discussed and focus on increasing customer footfall and bill. Some of these competitions also provide them with an opportunity to learn and practice new beauty techniques in a friendly competitive atmosphere.

6. Seminars and Student Training – Seminars are paid or free outreach sessions that are organized by Beautypreneurs to attract new customers as well as potential trainees. Training students as a paid model helps Beautypreneurs to diversify the sources of revenue.

7. Beauty and Business Workshop – It is crucial to remain updated with new market trends and customer demand, so beauty and business workshops are conducted in which Beautypreneurs are also made to ponder about the business aspect of the new beauty technique learned.


Year Sign ups
2018-19 99
2019-20 162

UNBLEMISHED – ‘A chronicle of stories and journey of 21 inspiring beautypreneurs.’ (Downloadable book in pdf format)

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