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Amit Kataria

Born in a humble family, Amit Kataria always dreamt of changing the society. He dreamt of bridging the gap in computer education and changing the rural populace’s mindset. His growing up in a rural setting of old Gurgaon and his walking disability never became impediments for his dreams. 


Amit promoted ROSE Academy when he was only 19 years old.Very early in life he had realised that most villagers owned land and money but lacked literacy especially computer skills. They were  also ignorant of the need for computer skills and the transformations that computer skills could bring in their lives. 


Amit believed that, “Rural Organisation for Social Empowerment (ROSE), run by villagers, provides computer skills to rural population to enable them to get employment, access better opportunities and use technology to save money and time.” 


Dhriiti worked closely with Amit on organisation development and preparing ROSE for its expansion. The team supported Amit to develop on key areas like systems development, consolidation of each of the six centers, development of promotion and marketing strategy, and a clear human resource management. This resulted in a business model which had a striking balance in its financial, social and ecological impact. This allowed ROSE to achieve its vision of providing computer education in all villages in rural Haryana. 


Today he uses NComputing device in ROSE Academy centers which saves more energy. ROSE Academy has a high record of 80% girl students enrolment. ROSE Academy successfully uses internet technology to save time and energy. Presently Amit continues to successfully transform the lives of many in his village by imparting computer literacy and in the process, setting a precedence worth following. 

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