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Anjana Bhattacharjee

Anjana Bhattacharjee is the founder of “Iris Arete”. A handicrafts enthusiast, her passion has helped her to set on her entrepreneurial journey where she runs a store of authentic Indian handcrafted goods in Guwahati. The enterprise looks out for indigenous handcrafted and handmade products which can be marketed at urban markets for home decors, offices etc. The enterprise caters to only handmade products from Northeast and rest of India. Her main products are teracotta, brass, pattachitra, etc., which are sourced directly from the artisans and no middle men are involved. In this process, she is able to share a greater revenue with the artisans which keeps them motivated and which she believes they truly deserve.

Her driving force is her love for handmade and, and she looks forward to this platform to learn a lot through sharing and formal process too.

Anjana is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

Product Catalogue – Iris Arete

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