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Asenla Jamir

Asenla is the founder of “Deshen”, a home-based food processing unit that provides a wide range of products and based in Dimapur, Nagaland. She has been in this business since 2014 and recently registered M/S Deshen as a sole proprietorship for manufacture of food products. The word ‘Deshen” means ‘Abundance’ in Greek and it is relevant to the rich natural resources in North East and particularly Nagaland.

Deshen vision is to lead the way for enriching the lives of the local food producers through promotion of local food processing chains. Her passion for working with farmers and farm produce led her to running an enterprise which is based on organic products. She also takes care of nursery saplings to sell and for her own supply while making the products apart from the produce she sourced directly from the farmers. The product ranges from fruits, vegetables to meat pickles. She also caters to customized orders from the customers.

Asenla is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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