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Bano Fatima

19 years old Bano Fatima, enrolled for Entrepreneurs for Tomorrow Program organised by Dhriiti.  

while pursuing her Bachelor’s in Political Science at Delhi’s Lady Shriram College.  


After graduation, Bano pursued her project the EOT Program and collaborated with Nabila Kidwai to establish Weavers Hut, with the aim to strike at the root of social discrimination and economic exploitation that is experienced by the artisans. 


Weaver’s Hut is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering artisan communities in the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. Weaver’s Hut was formed to work with vulnerable families, primarily women on their socio-economic development and also to promote education for the future generations. 


The weavers’ community weaves cotton and viscose fabric and stoles using the handloom structures. It is a traditional art, existing in the community for generations. With textile mills taking the lead and lack of support from government, the traditional art suffers from intense competition, often losing out.  


Today, with support from Dhriiti, Weaver’s Hut has become the platform that is empowering the weavers’ community through socio-economic interventions, including production process interventions, social development and education based-initiatives. 

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