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Basica Salam

Basica is a young, vibrant and avid long boarder working on a business plan on OKOO. With experience in the field of action sports, she has been engaged in workshops and social outreach programs at different places all over India. For OKOO, in the last 2 years, she has been applying for several start-ups and other related investment programs within the time frame.

Her plan is to work on a park that will be a unique and safe space for young kids. Born and raised in Manipur, she witnessed the way parents view sports as a risk for career consideration. She wanted to break the stigma associated with street sports as “spoiled& good-for-nothing” activities. The proposed Park will introduce Long boarding, unlike Skateboard it is not popular in India. She is passionate about her interest. It will cater to the needs of Board Sports (recently entered in Olympics) the talent of young generations are being wasted as parents are often unsupportive in this matter. The park will have space for cafe and other activities, Parents can spend their time watching their children and build relationships. Cafe will bring in employment generation.

She has volunteered in Home for Girls (victims of trafficking) and is the Ambassador of Longboard Association India. She is already acquainted with talented Youths who are interested in this venture and who have immense potential to bring up this sport and put Manipur in the map of extreme sports, action sports and Board sports.

Basica is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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