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Bidisha Saikia

Bidisha Saikia has initiated “Bleed with Dignity”, with a vision and strategy to create a gamut of menstrual health education platforms and empower women to make their own informed choices for their body; to deliver eco-friendly menstrual products at people’s doorsteps.

Born in Dibboi, Upper Assam, Bidisha had a very fulfilling childhood. Right from the beginning, she had the zeal to inspire others. With a plan to create impact and empower young women to make their own choices, her idea is to create a one-stop platform ecosystem of menstruation. It aims to deliver knowledge and menstrual products to people’s doorstep by going ‘vocal for local’. She started with an online National campaign on menstruation and single-handedly worked on it to reach this stage of creating an online one-stop platform. Till date she has conducted a pilot to educate menstrual hygiene in Nalbari (Assam) She will focus on creating an information sharing platform for various menstrual hygiene products. On-boarding producers of eco-friendly menstrual products will be the main agenda and collating them since they are the prime external stakeholders.

Bidisha is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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