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Daisy Brahma

Daisy Brahma is a qualified textile designer from NIFT (Delhi) and the proprietor of DB Weaves. Prior to starting DB Weaves, she has 8 years of work experience working in reputed export houses in Delhi and Bangalore. The current venture was started in 2017. She has 3 power looms in Kokrajhar (Assam), from which she makes dokhonas (traditional Bodo attire). Dokhonas are used for all activities in BTAD – from regular wear to festivals. However, she is trying to bring modern designs to it which can cater to broader markets. Most of her sales are through the B2B channels. She also takes part in exhibitions in and around Assam.

The competitive advantage for her has been the quality of dokhonas. She uses only the most comfortable fabric. Moreover, she herself invests a lot of time in innovating new designs for dokhonas. Her plan is now to expand dokhonas into uniforms and wedding dresses.

Daisy is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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