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She was born into a family, very humble but highly rich in heritage. She was born in to a family where Gandhism, Non-Violence have been a way of life for the past three generations.
Medha Shah, is the grand daughter of the renowned Sarvodaya Practitioner Late Jagdish Shah and daughter of Kapil Shah. Her grand father was a follower of Gandhian principles and practitioner of Sarvodaya. Her father Kapil Shah, tirelessly champions the cause of organic faming and fights for the due rights of the small marginalised farmers involved in organic farming. Hailing from such a family, Medha was nurtured on these principles since her childhood.
Growing up in Baroda, Medha witnessed her parents dedicating their lives to the welfare of the organic farmers. On one hand she was exposed to the lives and principles of Gandhiji, Swami Vivekananda and Vinoba Bhave and on the other hand she witnessed the ordeals of organic farmers in India. And it was quite obvious that Medha, would eventually work towards upliftmnet of these small marginalised farmers.
In her adolescent years, Medha, got curious about the varied textiles of India and the traditional Indian art of weaving and cloth making. Her passion for natural organic fabrics and the deep rooted attraction to work for the farmers, got Medha enrolled in the the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design(IICD, Jaipur).
In 2016, Medha promoted Weaver Bird. Weaver Bird is a clothes designer wear brand, promoting organic hand spun, hand woven cotton. The fabric is naturally dyed and not genetically modified. the fabric is grown without the usage of toxic pesticides and fertilisers. The fabric is environmentally sustainable and socially sustainable. It is healthy and creates an unique experience for the skin.
Today, Medha plans to increase the scale of her production in the next few years. She believes that the market for the organic is catching up and will become a fashion trend in some years. And as the market expands, she will be able to employ more farmers, weavers and promote livelihood. And she will be able to give a premium to the farmers, which will ensure their sustainability and will become more lucrative. She empathises farmers and environment will always remain the crux of everything that she does in Weaver Bird.
Medha feels, WE Can India has given her the exposure and a platform to meet and network with many other women entrepreneurs. It is in this platform that she has started learning the ropes of running a for profit centre. Although everyday, Medha is bombarded with a new challenge, but she hopes by the end of the program she would be better equipped.

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