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Ella Mary

Ella Mary is working with two product line- One is in pulses/cereals and second one is Paper bag, both of which are being sold locally and have received good reception.For the cereals/pulses vertical, she has recently started her business of collecting surplus non-perishable agricultural produce from unorganized women farmers.  These are paid in cash. She is in touch with almost 40 farmers from 3 districts for sourcing. She tries to ensure that marginal women farmers are able to sell their produce at good rates (even though the quantity is less) and to ensure that farmers get payment quickly in cash, without wasting time sitting in bazaars.

Since her business is seasonal, she wants help to make it a sustainable business model. She has applied for business registration, and plans to open a sales outlet in Kohima in 2021.

Ella is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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