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Essille Heisnam

Essille, a make-up artist by profession, has plan to open a studio “The Artist in you: A gender free paradise” in Imphal, Manipur. She has 4 years of experience working with M.A.C as a professional makeup artist and retailer and director in Oriflame while living in Bangalore city. She recently relocated to Imphal due to COVID-19 and other reasons which she did not consider as a boon. Rather she had the chance to work on her lifelong plans of working on her business ideas.

Through her studio, she aim to stay true to its name since the main concern is for the transgender community and women in Manipur. She strives for equal representation in all spheres of work which is why the vision of the venture is to provide a platform that empowers the marginalized genders by creating identity through make-up skills. She envisions providing employment to women and transgender and to give them dignity and a sense of fulfilment.

Essille is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now..

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