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Grace Rephung L

Grace Rephung YL is the founder of EYAR production(Enthusiastic Young Adventurous Realist) formed on 6th October 2019 based out of Manipur. The production house is a non-profit production house making films based on women and social issues in her community with an aim to bring changes and awareness in the society and also to promote the hidden talents of each talented and committed person. She has directed and produced 2 films so far- IKALÃ (My fate) short films based on violence against women and INING IPHEIKAR(based on the consequences of one misstep). This two films are based on true story with English subtitles so everyone can understand.

EYAR was initiated with a vision to secure women empowerment. Despite the progress and development that have taken shape through various government schemes and NGOs yet women are often ignored and have no scope and deprived of the opportunities. Since its inception EYAR pledge to improve lives and lifestyles to inspire positive change to improve social environment and to contribute to socio-economic development through freedom and equality focuses on promoting talented unemployed youth and to empower women by providing them the platform to showcase their talent in acting, singing and also through trainings and technical assistance. They organised singing competitions during the Pandemic lockdown with attractive prizes.

Grace is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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