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Jina Khumujam

Jina is a 67 years old entrepreneur based in Imphal, Manipur. She started Mangal Soap in 2015 and registered as sole proprietorship. She has a patent for herbal soap manufacturing. Her family helps and supports her in running the business. Using medicinal plants to make soaps to treat common diseases. 9 varieties 1. Nongleishang (Zylosmalongifolia) 2. Yiangang (Turmeric) 3. Aloe Vera 4. Heiribob (Citrus macroptera) 5. Heibi (Meynalaxiflora) 6. Okhidak (Acoruscalamus) 7. Thabi (Cucumissativus) 8. Loofah soap 9. Hotel soap bars. She caters to the local market and caters to ½ Hotels in Imphal. Started her venture after becoming a widow and on her quest to help out the widows and orphans in her locality. With the fierce competition in handmade products, she is unable to keep up with the rising trends and technology upgrades.

Jina is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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