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Ketile Nillo

Ketile runs Handloom Simu Nagaland, an enterprise run by a mother and daughter duo. Ketile learnt the art of weaving from her mother who has been in back-strap weaving for more than 50 years. Registered as sole proprietorship in 2001 as M/S Weaving and Knitting Unit and operates as a small handloom unit in Dimapur, Nagaland. She joined her mother to help preserve traditional craft and revive a dying art. They make mostly traditional products such as wraparound (mekhalas), shawls, cowrie shell stoles, waistcoats with traditional textile, mufflers, neck-ties and have also ventured into accessories such as ladies shoulder bag, pouches, Men’s crossbody, Laptop sleeve, drawstrings and occasionally beading necklaces.

She shares her vision to keep celebrating traditional handlooms by supporting local artisans through sustainable employment. Their mission is to achieve world standard quality products using traditional methods of weaving while making profits to sustain and support local weavers as well as continuing the legacy of age old method of weaving. They employ and give opportunities to women weavers. This way the traditional culture, customs, beliefs and attires which are getting forgotten will be preserved. And that was the sole reason why her mother never gave up weaving. There’s a story behind every cloth and every design. Their business model is a combination of old and new. Old age traditions and New by incorporating modern usage and products.

Ketile is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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