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Kholia D Chajiinamei

Kholia, an architect by profession, plans on venturing into Agar business. She has started the plantation with hired workers. Being a freelance architect, she had the opportunity of working in different projects which has helped her to fund the baseline for her enterprise; harvesting Agar-wood trees in Nagaland as it exhibits a suitable topography which can cultivate Agar-wood trees locally. Northeast is a gem that is yet to be genuinely appreciated. She is in the notion that people don’t fully realise the wide scope of forestry in this region and intends to be on top, by the time the masses start to actually value it for what it can produce.

This project has been in talks for two years before she laid down the foundation. She had to financially procure funds from her projects as an architect in order to move further into her venture.  Notably, she does not acquire years of experience in the forestry sector but father has held a total of 10 years of expertise in farming and cultivation of sandalwood trees and extraction in essential oils, hence entering in this line of business won’t be a completely new scenario for her.She is in contact with people in similar sectors prior to venturing into this field. She worked alongside her father, watched first hand on how cultivation works, the kind of people they meet in order to fulfil demands.

Kholia is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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