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Kshetrimayum Vedmani Devi

M/s VEDAM AGRO ENTERPRISES is an entrepreneurial venture of Kshetrimayum Vedmani Devi, who is a food & nutrition specialist. Vedam Agro Enterprise is currently an ISO 22000:2018 Certified Firm, with FSSAI no.21617001001616.   They are producing more than >50 products turmeric (powder/dry slice/fresh), ginger (powder/dry slice/fresh), cyanne pepper (powder/whole), King chilly (fresh/powder/oven dry/smoke dry/pickle), pineapple queen/kew Fresh, cinnamon (stick/powder), black aromatic rice (Chakhou), bamboo Shoot (pickle), hogplum (pickle),Starfruit (pickle), olive (pickle), mixed fruit (pickle), oyster mushroom (pickle/dry powder), lemon, mango, litchi, passion fruit, gooseberry, garcinia (juice/candy/pickle), avocado (fresh), etc.

Veda Agro Enterprises is also working with the local community, in particular women farmers and workers, for promoting entrepreneurship skills in food processing with focus on enabling sustainable livelihoods. These products are being currently marketed by Imphal based marketing agents Local Common Distributor, NE-Dukan, ‘Red Shopper’ in towns across the State and India Mart platform.  Within the span of the 6 years, the Enterprises had grown to a state level organization with networking of other similar entrepreneurs in various pockets of Manipur, and with outreaches in Guwahati, Kolkata, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai among some of the important cities in India.All the products are locally sourced and made. Dr. Vedmani herself conducts training on food processing, and practical knowledge on preparations of fruits and vegetable pickles, jam, candy, etc.

Vedmani is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

Product Catalogue – Vedam Agro Enterprises

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