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Nidhi Pant

She is a chemical engineer by design and entrepreneur at heart. . Hailing form a family of doctorates, Nidhi Pant from Mumbai, has successfully carved out a niche for herself. Her diverse experience in the areas of sustainability and development, both in India and abroad, has been a key determinant in bringing deeper insights and perspective in the work she does.
Nidhi Pant is the Co-Founder of DesiVdesi at Science for Society (S4S). Her current role as has given her the unique opportunity to build India’s fastest growing food technology enterprise.Nidhi believes she has learnt to see life not only through a lens of science, engineering and formulae, but also through pictures, sounds, landscapes, faces and more.
DesiVDesifoods is a Healthy food brand, providing nutritional and delicious snacking products for the health conscious people on the move. DesiVDesifoods offers Vegetable Chips and Fruit Chunks which are Not Baked Not Fried Not Riasted with zero oil no preservatives and gluten free.

“WeCan program has helped me find the Sense of PurposeLearning from the best trainers and first generation experienced entrepreneurs – Arindam and Debalena and my mentor – helped troubleshooting. I also got grave clarity in my vision and a strong foothold in ideation and execution. It is an incredibly exciting and rewarding platform in terms of the powerful learnings from other women and also form strong support group , making friends for life .It’s always a breath of fresh air to grasp opportunities, I would never miss this unique life transforming chance.Would like to thank various stakeholders for initiating this wonderful program – I feel I have found my sanctuary”

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