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Meghna Bortamuly

Meghna is the co-founder of Eastern Exim Co. Currently, they are operating under the brand name Dynasty Tea, a CTC tea brand which is currently operating in Northeast India. Meghna is MSc in International Business at University of Leeds. The business was initially started by her mother in 2017, and she has been fully managing it since 2018. She has taken selection training at Lattakoojan Tea Estate, Numaligarh. She has also visited several tea gardens in Upper Assam to gain in-depth knowledge about how the tea industry operates where she learnt the proper way of plucking tea leaves in the gardens, how the tea leaves are brought to the factory, on what basis the tea quality is determined, and how it turns from tea leaves to the end product i.e. different grades of tea. After coming back from training, she worked on ground level in various market areas in and around Guwahati to promote our Tea Brand ‘Dynasty Tea’. While working in the market she also experimented different marketing tactics to promote our brand.

They are now focused on distribution of their brand across regions. Their distribution channel currently operates in few states of North-East India, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. Her next biggest endeavour is to start mobile tea shops, which is like a high-end tea cafe where people would like to spend time.

Meghna is from Cohort 2.0 of Project Her&Now.

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