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Sonal grew up having dairy farms often situated at an arms distance. She would frequently visit these farms, to have a sneak peak. Infact she loved being around animals. Although being excellent in her studies, Sonal always was drawn towards animals.
But Sonal distinctly remembers, some days would be marked with a lot of noise from these dairies. These were the days when the baby calf was getting separated from their mothers. The noises that she was unable to fathom in those young years, became much clearer later as she grew up.
Sonal soon realised that, cows like humans produce milk for their newly born children. This is the natural intent. They are mammals and the sole purpose is to feed and nourish their young. Sonal also realised that cows must give birth in order to produce milk. But in order to give birth a cow must first be pregnant, and in order for a cow to become pregnant, she must be impregnated. To keep the dairy flow steady often a cow is artificially impregnated which again is very painful. So after the dairy cow gives birth, she has no time with her child.
As days passed by, observing this cruelty since childhood and having watched Heads and Tails program on television by Maneka Gandhi empathy towards animals grew stronger. Sonal was gradually getting averse towards milk and dairy products.
Sonal soon joined college in Delhi and went on to become a Gold Medallist in Delhi University, specialising in Anthropology. In college, Sonal kept her passion for animal welfare alive. She started volunteering for organisations like People For Animals headed by Maneka Gandhi. She also tried to abstain from milk and other dairy products. But soon gave in, due to subtle cajoling by friends and family.
Soon Sonal got married and she moved on to London with her family. Although she has been an active proponent of Veganism over the past many years through different formats, it is in London that she took the decision at the personal level to become a Vegan and encourage many more people to adopt Veganism.
In 2013, after returning back to India, Sonal launched her company Compassionate Choices Pvt.Ltd, after propagating the goodness of what she calls Compassionate Food Choices ! In the Company, Sonal produces and markets dairy free icecreams under the brand name White Cub. WhiteCub DairyFree IceCreams are creamy-fruity-chocolatey healthy ‘icecreams’. Sonal started producing this to the address the need of icrecreams for the consumers in the Indian market who are looking for DairyFree and Healthy alternatives. WhiteCub is India’s 1st Cholesterol Free ,TransFat Free and GlutenFree certified DairyFree IceCreams .
Besides, directly serving consumers suffering from Dairy Allergy, Lactose Intolerance, GlutenAllergy, White Cub is a real treat for people following CfGf diet.
White Cub opened its first parlour in Gurgaon in 2013. But due to huge rents she shut it down. In 2015, Sonal launched WhiteCub in the Retail market. Today White Cub tubs are readily available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and now in Chennai.
WE Can India has helped Sonal to work on her financials.
To quote her,

“ On one hand, WE Can India has given me a platform to network and on the other hand has empowered me with confidence to be more aware of my numbers and delve deeper in the financial figures of the business”.

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