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Akshya Shree

Akshya is a 23 years young, vivacious girl completing her Masters. But what differentiates her from other college students, is that she is already an entrepreneur. “Silpakarman” took birth in the year 2015, when Akshya had just completed her gradution. Since she was a little girl, Akshya has always wanted to do something of her own and was fascinated by all the sari and accessories stored in her mothers closet. So after completing her graduation, when she started exploring about her venture, she found her calling in her childhood memory. She then decided to turn her mothers passion, into her business.
Silpakarman is one stop shop for luxury- handcrafted products of India and focuses in positioning bamboo handcrafted products as luxury items. Akshya strongly believes in making a very unique experience for a each customer and she wants every purchase to be a happy and responsible one. She believes that as Silpakarman grows, her artisans in Tripura should also grow, in terms of finances, quality of life and better accessibility to resources.
When Akshya joined the WE Can India Program, she was already running her business. But it is in this program she gained clarity on her business, learnt the ropes of drafting her business plan and financials. She also learnt the marketing techniques and ways to implement better. Towards the end of her Mentoring calls, Akshya had already chalked out her road map and started acting on it. So when we asked how she feels about the program, she happily says that

“WE Can India Program is like an aircraft which refuses to land. I took off on the very first day of the workshop and with each step and experience and activity I only reached higher. My business has also shifted gears after the workshop And I truly believe it’s only going to get better. I have already reached the sky, now I am chasing the stars.”

Akshya Shree is also from Cohort 1.0 of Project Her&Now

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