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With more than a decade of storytelling on her back, Rituparna Ghosh is the Founder of Your Story Bag (YSB). A compulsive storyteller, and always sniffing for a good story to tell, Rituparna feels that her past life as a journalist and television producer taught her the power of good stories.
Your Story Bag is a Storytelling, Training and Consulting Company that works with varied audiences in helping them ‘Discover Expressions, Emotions & Life Through Stories.’ From children, to teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs and corporates Your Story Bag helps people harness the power of stories by finding the storyteller in them! From story sessions and performances, to workshops, training programs and customized story solutions, Your Story Bag in a short span of time has gained considerable repute.

But Rituparna’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. She was on the peak of her career when motherhood called on her. She was so much in love with her work that even during her maternity leave, she kept working remotely. But when she rejoined, it was perceived that her priorities had shifted, and she was replaced overnight without an explanation. This was the lowest point of her career. Right on the brink of depression, she made a final attempt at salvaging herself. She decided to become an entrepreneur.
She decided to tell stories. Orally. In an attempt to gain confidence, to face people, to perform, to be judged and critiqued she started telling stories. And with every story she told she pulled herself back from the abyss. Storytelling had rescued her.
Since then she has never looked back. Even though she and her family have been through patches of financial struggle, Rituparna’s unwavering belief in her vision has helped her persevere through the toughest moments. With a supportive and caring family backing her at every step, Rituparna’s has worked harder. There have many naysayers in her life, people who have ridiculed storytelling and her passion for the craft. If asked, she would smilingly say, that she would change none of it at all. The setbacks, the lack of knowledge and people’s apathy in her vision to make lives better with stories have only motivated every day. Today, Rituparna, has created the brand of YSB and she herself is the USP of the brand. She is working doubly hard to change the storytelling landscape in India where future generations of storytellers can look at it as a bankable and sustainable career. And the only way she can do it is by creating a bigger market for storytelling.

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