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Saakshi hails from a business family based in Haryana. Eldest of the three sisters, she was intelligent and talented in academics. Although belonging from a conservative family, she has recieved the best of the education. She went on to become an engineer and she dreamt of a corporate job. But her conservative parents thought otherwise. It did need a little cajoling and some extra confidence, to move to Delhi for her first job. All of this because young Saakshi was determined to follow her own dreams. In the following years, Saakshi worked hard and did carve out her niche in the corporate world. Her high flying jobs gave her the opportunity to work as a Business Analyst and a Digital Marketing expert with Fortune 4 companies and corporate giants like GE and Coca Cola.
Saakshi was at the top of her game and living her dream, when she decided to get married. It was an arranged marriage, which unfortunately ended within 80 days. Started her 5 year long journey of divorce. In these 5 years, there were days when she has been extremely depressed and she was gradually moving into a shell. There were days when the society blamed her for the situation. There were days when she doubted her own abilities and her confidence was already ebbing.
Saakshi, shifted back to Chandigarh and tried to rebuild her life. She started to work as a freelancer. She started meeting local start ups and vendors gradually regained her confidence. In her words, the initial years were really tough, which took a toll on her physical health as well. But slowly and steadily she rebuild her life.
Today, Saakshi is the founder of Silly Sense. SillySense is a fully operational B2B Digital Marketing Boutique based out of Chandigarh and New Delhi. SillySense was conceptualized to serve the unique and challenging needs of businesses like social entrepreneurs and local vendors / online vendors/ artists in the field of digital marketing. Through her years of work experience, Saakshi knows what the real needs of her customers and know how to deliver it to them in the most optimized way.
According to Saakshi, WE Can has given her the wings to fly. After a long time, she has been able to prove her mettle to all those who doubted her abilities in the last 5 years. To quote her

“ My getting selected in the Top 26 of the WE Can Program is a surprise. But the happiest thing about it is, when the results got declared online. My family, friends, extended relatives, acquaintances all were very proud of me. I got an immense amount of love, respect and recognition, for the first time in some years.” Saakshi also shares that the “investment made by Dhriiti team in me and my business plan, helped me to push myself to work harder. There were days when I got so embroiled in the daily life and its challenges, that I had almost given up on the WE Can Program. But the efforts from the Dhriiti team and their encouragement made me work hard. And as a result I got selected in the Top 26.”

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