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Eye Mitra EDP

The Eye-Mitra EDP is being implemented with support from NVG 2.5 of the Essilor Group. The programme currently runs in the 6 states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The programme has been designed in close engagement with the NVG 2.5 sales team to strengthen the entrepreneurial competencies of the Eye-Mitra Opticians being trained by different skill development organizations. The Eye-Mitra Opticians are basically rural opticians based out of big villages providing optical solutions in the vicinity from the shop as well as by conducting Visual Screening Events (VSEs) in their region.

The programme was initiated in Jan 2015 and has been successful in training 669 EMOs across 24 city training centres in 6 states till now. The 5 day EDP component has been weaved into the Eye-Mitra technical training to enhance the entrepreneurial skills, profitability and sustainability of the EMOs. The 5 day EDP trains the participants on soft skills like negotiation, risk taking etc to functional skills like costing & pricing, selling, inventory management, book keeping etc. The participants also go through a practical understanding of the business as they conduct a VSE by themselves to learn the on-ground skills of marketing, selling and shop management.

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers-Eye Mitra EDP

No. of trainees trained
No. of EMOs initiated business
Approx. monthly sales of EMOs


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