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Sal and Siali Leaf Plate Cluster Development

Sal and Siali Leaf Plate Cluster Development project is being supported for the first year of its operation by OFSDP, Forest Department, Government of Orissa. It is a cluster development programme which looks at organizing the current leaf plate makers into a structured cluster. The project involves development of innovative product designs for the high end urban market as well as the export market. The project entails creation of a people’s institution over a period of next five years dealing in Sal and Siali Leaf Plate Manufacturing.

The project pilot has been initiated in May 2017 in two districts of Orissa. Dhriiti would be working with Sal leaf plate producers in 2 selected blocks of Keonjhar and Rourkela. The project would work with 40 such members in the designated locations. The project would be scaled to a full cluster development project in the subsequent years of operation in partnership with different public/private partners.

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Impact Numbers-Sal and Siali Leaf Plate Cluster Development

No. of members to be trained
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