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Sheep Rearing Cluster Development

Sheep Rearing Cluster Development Project was a joint initiative of Dhriiti and GVNML, Laporia. The project aimed to develop the sheep rearing value chain in Rajasthan. The teams jointly have studied the feasibility of the value chain to be developed in the Tonk district of Rajasthan.

The project was initiated in 2013. It took the team 1 year to conduct a comprehensive baseline and detailed feasibility study of the entire value chain. The project aimed to look at livelihood enhancement as the next step to the excellent work on pastureland development done by GVNML in the region. The sheep rearing communities were depleting due to lack of modernization in the trade and lack of markets for the products. The creation of a value chain with a marketable value added end product was a very strong component in the initiative.

Dhriiti looks forward to revive the project with concerned funding agencies. The project is a high potential project with great impact possibilities

Funds to be raised:

50 lakh (currently raised Rs. 0)


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