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Ek Naya Aasmaan

The Ek Naya Aasman (ENA) program was a joint initiative of Dhriiti and Youthreach and was supported by Alcatel-Lucent, USAin the initial years and then by Sir Ratan Tata Trust. ENA was envisioned for the not-so privileged youth of Delhi and NCR. With ENA, Dhriiti wanted to reach out to the huge mass belonging to the non-formal education system. With limited or no education at all, this section of the society is pushed outside the circuit of respectable jobs in terms of good money and a decent work profile. Dhriiti’s vision with ENA was to teach youth the most fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship in the forms of games and activities, to take entrepreneurship to the girls confined behind doors, to make entrepreneurship everybody’s business!

The ENA workshops commenced from April 2006 to March 2010. The programme reached out to more than 2500 young minds over a period of 3 years through more than 25 NGO partners working at the grassroots. The programme started by doing trailer workshops in the communities and building an entrepreneurship curriculum custom made for the target group. The curriculum which would span over a period of 2-3 months for each location had a lot of simulation games, interactive sessions, audio video components and a lot of Do-it-yourself modules for learning the essentials of entrepreneurship. The modules would culminate in a day long market activity called ‘My Own Venture’, where the students have to set up and run an enterprise for a day.

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