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The Slum Women Entrepreneurship Development (SWED) Project has been initiated by Dhriiti and has been initially supported by the German Embassy, New Delhi. The SWED project has been designed to provide entrepreneurship training and motivation to women in urban slums trying to build an entrepreneurial venture for their livelihoods. The project currently has its operations in Delhi NCR but Dhriiti looks forward to take this programme to other urban centers across the country. The vision of the project is to empower women in slums with the tools of entrepreneurship such that they can earn their livelihood and sustain their families with respect and pride.

The project was initiated in early 2015 with slum women in the Khajuri Khas Slum area in East Delhi. The Project aims to inspire girls and women from urban slums to train their limited skills towards earning their livelihoods and increasing their employability skills. The SWED Project help develop crucial entrepreneurship skills like managing resources, negotiating, and problem-solving among other skills. Dhriiti furthers the Project by helping individual or groups of women to set up and manage enterprises. Training programs are conducted through simulated exercises, audio-visual, learning games, roleplaying, lectures, and practical implementation of the training.

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