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Godrej in collaboration with Dhriiti has initiated the Repurpose Project. The Repurpose project is being piloted in Mumbai in partnership with grassroots production partners. The project aims to provide livelihoods to women by repurposing old clothes and industrial waste cloth to create hand crafted utility products. Dhriiti will incubate the project to become a self-sustaining initiative.

The pilot project initiated in 2016 has been successful in providing skill enhancement training and employment to around 25 women. The project intends to design and create a range of utility products as corporate and personal gifting solutions.

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers-Repurpose

No. of women to be trained
No. of production partner organizations


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Salon Easy

Godrej in collaboration with Dhriiti has initiated a beauty and wellness home service platform, Salon Easy. The Salon Easy initiative being incubated by Dhriiti fill a crucial gap of availability of quality beauty and wellness home services by trained professionals.

The Salon Easy platform has been launched in 2017 and has started its operations in Mumbai. The initiative aims to build a community of Godrej trained beauty and wellness professionals across multiple locations in the country to provide beauty and wellness home service. The initiative in its pilot phase intends to create a pool of 50 such professionals and be able to provide regular work to all the professionals Involved. Godrej would look forward to expand the operations to other cities with the success of the pilot phase.

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers- Salon Easy

No. beauty and wellness professionals involved


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Sal and Siali Leaf Plate Cluster Development

Sal and Siali Leaf Plate Cluster Development project is being supported for the first year of its operation by OFSDP, Forest Department, Government of Orissa. It is a cluster development programme which looks at organizing the current leaf plate makers into a structured cluster. The project involves development of innovative product designs for the high end urban market as well as the export market. The project entails creation of a people’s institution over a period of next five years dealing in Sal and Siali Leaf Plate Manufacturing.

The project pilot has been initiated in May 2017 in two districts of Orissa. Dhriiti would be working with Sal leaf plate producers in 2 selected blocks of Keonjhar and Rourkela. The project would work with 40 such members in the designated locations. The project would be scaled to a full cluster development project in the subsequent years of operation in partnership with different public/private partners.

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers-Sal and Siali Leaf Plate Cluster Development

No. of members to be trained
No. of Production Clusters


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The Farmpreneur Programme has been co-created and is being co-implemented with the Farm2Food Foundation, Assam and has been supported by Assam Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and National Foundation of India. In Dhriiti we strongly believe that the perception of farming and farmers is such that the new generations do not look at farming as a sustainable livelihood/career option. Farmpreneur is an entrepreneurship program that introduces the farmer as an entrepreneur and farm-based enterprises to rural school children. It seeds the concept of organic farming and entrepreneurship amongst young school students so that they bring forth a new paradigm of Farm based entrepreneurs when they grow up.

The programme was initiated in 2012 and since then around 3000 Young Farmers have been trained and around 200 School Kitchen Gardens have opened in 4 districts of Assam. The Farmpreneur programme offers an extensive curriculum of survey workshops, orientation programs, seminars, agricultural exhibitions and capacity building. And all learnings of these farmers are put to practice at their little school kitchen gardens. Right from planning their gardens, sowing the seeds to maintenance, harvesting and sales is handled by the little farmers in the schools.

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers-Farmpreneur

No. of trainees
No. of schools
No. of school kitchen gardens


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Rural Intensification Programme

Godrej in collaboration with Dhriiti works towards building capacities of rural retailers and strengthening their capacities to increase their income levels. The program has been initiated in 2 states – Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The programme mobilises and trains rural micro retailers not only build their capacities in doing better business and enhance their livelihoods but also looks at building a model of expansion of rural sales through the outreach of these micro retailers. The micro retailers go door to door to enable product promotion as well as servicing of the last mile.

The programme has been initiated in 2016 as a pilot and looks to effectively capacitate more than 150 micro retailers in the pilot phase. The Rural Intensification Program aims to provide retailing skills to the rural youth such that its becomes an effective source of livelihood for them. The programme envisages creating a pool of rural micro-retailers for effective rural reach-out and market penetration

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers-Rural Intensification Programme

No. of trainees
Enterprises numbers


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The Slum Women Entrepreneurship Development (SWED) Project has been initiated by Dhriiti and has been initially supported by the German Embassy, New Delhi. The SWED project has been designed to provide entrepreneurship training and motivation to women in urban slums trying to build an entrepreneurial venture for their livelihoods. The project currently has its operations in Delhi NCR but Dhriiti looks forward to take this programme to other urban centers across the country. The vision of the project is to empower women in slums with the tools of entrepreneurship such that they can earn their livelihood and sustain their families with respect and pride.

The project was initiated in early 2015 with slum women in the Khajuri Khas Slum area in East Delhi. The Project aims to inspire girls and women from urban slums to train their limited skills towards earning their livelihoods and increasing their employability skills. The SWED Project help develop crucial entrepreneurship skills like managing resources, negotiating, and problem-solving among other skills. Dhriiti furthers the Project by helping individual or groups of women to set up and manage enterprises. Training programs are conducted through simulated exercises, audio-visual, learning games, roleplaying, lectures, and practical implementation of the training.

Impact Number

Impact Numbers-SWED

No. of trainees
Micro-Enterprises Initiated


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Eye Mitra EDP

The Eye-Mitra EDP is being implemented with support from NVG 2.5 of the Essilor Group. The programme currently runs in the 6 states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The programme has been designed in close engagement with the NVG 2.5 sales team to strengthen the entrepreneurial competencies of the Eye-Mitra Opticians being trained by different skill development organizations. The Eye-Mitra Opticians are basically rural opticians based out of big villages providing optical solutions in the vicinity from the shop as well as by conducting Visual Screening Events (VSEs) in their region.

The programme was initiated in Jan 2015 and has been successful in training 669 EMOs across 24 city training centres in 6 states till now. The 5 day EDP component has been weaved into the Eye-Mitra technical training to enhance the entrepreneurial skills, profitability and sustainability of the EMOs. The 5 day EDP trains the participants on soft skills like negotiation, risk taking etc to functional skills like costing & pricing, selling, inventory management, book keeping etc. The participants also go through a practical understanding of the business as they conduct a VSE by themselves to learn the on-ground skills of marketing, selling and shop management.

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers-Eye Mitra EDP

No. of trainees trained
No. of EMOs initiated business
Approx. monthly sales of EMOs


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Godrej Salon-i program in collaboration with Dhriiti reached out to women in the beauty and wellness sector who aspired to become entrepreneurs by giving them a platform named as the “Beauty-Preneur” program. The program currently operational in 5 states – Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Nagaland, is looking forward to expand its operations to other parts of the country in the near future. This multi layered outreach program has been created to build a replicable delivery model which meets the vision to reach out to 5500 women by 2018.

The programme was initiated in 2016 and despite the various challenges faced by the program since inception, the programme till date has succeeded in reaching out to 550 women in the beauty and wellness sector and have successfully trained 137 women, who are proudly certified as Beauty-Preneurs today. The Beauty-Preneur program aims to incubate entrepreneurship in women in the area of beauty and wellness, thereby enabling these women to train other girls, as well as empowering them through life skills and entrepreneurship. These women have set out on their own as entrepreneurs, rallying support for each other and in the process have learnt to believe that sisterhood has no boundaries, knows no race or geographical boundaries.

To know more about Godrej salon-i go to

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers-beautypenure

No. of Women reached out to
No. of BP signed up
No. of BP trained
No. of Women trained by BPs


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WE Can India!

Dhriiti has launched WE Can India: Workshops and Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs – an initiative dedicated to promoting women’s entrepreneurship, developed in partnership with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and funded by U.S. Embassy India.

WE Can is a business accelerator programme that has trained and mentored 125 young women entrepreneurs from Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Dehradun and Chandigarh. The aim of this project is to equip women entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to grow their businesses so that they can realize their ambitions, contribute to their economies and act as role models to others in their communities.

The initiative involves an intensive five-day business training course which is followed by six weeks of mentoring. The women entrepreneurs were supported to develop a business plan, providing them with a solid foundation to sustain and grow their enterprises. 26 of the women are selected and receive incubation support to kick-start their businesses.

Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers-WE Can India

No. of Applicants
No. of WE Trained
No. of WE Incubated


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YOU Start! NE

YOU Start! NE – Enterprise Acceleration Programme for Youth Entrepreneurs – is an initiative dedicated to promoting youth entrepreneurship in North East India.

YOU Start! NE will train and mentor 60 youth entrepreneurs from North Eastern Region in India in 3 cities i.e. Shillong, Guwahati and Dimapur.

The programme involves an intensive 3-day enterprise training course and a one-day enterprise pitch workshop.  This will be followed by four weeks of coaching support to enable the youth entrepreneurs develop robust enterprise plans, providing them with a solid foundation to sustain and grow their enterprises. 10 youth entrepreneurs will be selected to receive mentoring support to accelerate their businesses.

3 youth entrepreneurs with high growth potential will be awarded.

There is no fee for applying to the programme. Only the candidates selected for the programme will have to pay a nominal registration fee of Rs. 1000/- per participant (including food and accommodation for the duration of the training period). 

Also, please note that participants are required to cover their travel costs to attend the programme activities which will take place in the following cities: Shillong, Guwahati and Dimapur.

 To be eligible for this program you need to:

  • Be less than 40 years of age as on 1st January 2018.
  • Be in the process of setting up your enterprise (for-profit or not-for-profit), or strengthening & growing your existing enterprise.
  • Be one of the primary decision makers for your enterprise.
  • Be ambitious and willing to commit full time to your enterprise.
  • Be willing to prepare and present an enterprise plan to a jury panel.
  • Be able to read and write in English.
  • Be able to work with emails and other online communication.
  • Be willing to pay the registration fee of Rs. 1000 per participant (if selected).
  • Be based in any place in the North Eastern Region and be willing to travel (at their own cost) for the 3 day workshops on the following dates:
    • Shillong – 13th – 15th March 2018
    • Guwahati – 17th – 19th March 2018
    • Dimapur – 21st – 23rd March 2018

Application Process: To apply, complete our online application at:

The deadline for application is 6 pm (IST time) on 05th March 2018. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a telephonic interview with a panel. Selected applicants will be informed by email in March 2017.

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