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The Farmpreneur Programme has been co-created and is being co-implemented with the Farm2Food Foundation, Assam and has been supported by Assam Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and National Foundation of India. In Dhriiti we strongly believe that the perception of farming and farmers is such that the new generations do not look at farming as a sustainable livelihood/career option. Farmpreneur is an entrepreneurship program that introduces the farmer as an entrepreneur and farm-based enterprises to rural school children. It seeds the concept of organic farming and entrepreneurship amongst young school students so that they bring forth a new paradigm of Farm based entrepreneurs when they grow up.

The programme was initiated in 2012 and since then around 3000 Young Farmers have been trained and around 200 School Kitchen Gardens have opened in 4 districts of Assam. The Farmpreneur programme offers an extensive curriculum of survey workshops, orientation programs, seminars, agricultural exhibitions and capacity building. And all learnings of these farmers are put to practice at their little school kitchen gardens. Right from planning their gardens, sowing the seeds to maintenance, harvesting and sales is handled by the little farmers in the schools.

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